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Sylvie Steinbach is a well known celebrity intuitive, life coach and karmic astrologer for over 3 decades. She released a manual "
The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle" in 2007 on the classic European deck which revived strong interest around the Lenormand in English speaking countries and now in Europe. In her best seller, Sylvie Steinbach introduces the innovative "No Layout" system (nicknamed NLO - pronounced NOLO), an alternative method to reading the oracle without traditional layouts.

For the past 6 years, Sylvie Steinbach has been traveling to share the No Layout system through workshops and now via 
webinars to students from all over the world. In 2013, the STS Lenormand deck received rave reviews for its atmospheric artwork which promotes psychic insights in the reader's mind regardless of the reading system.  Her "Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle" is now expected in Russian language for 2014 through Aenigma publishings. Sylvie has a full time practice in Los Angeles California and appears from time to time on radio and reality TV shows.

Due to a busy schedule, her booking availability can be limited. Her private reading days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays so it is highly recommended to call at least 2 weeks before the days on which you would like your session in order to find a convenient time. All appointments must be set between 11 am and 6 pm Pacific Standard time (6 pm is closing time). If you are located outside of the U.S.A., your appointment must be prepaid so you should contact her office via 
email for instructions. You can use the world clock to sync your schedule with California.

If you reside in the U.S., call the office voicemail set below and listen to the message. Make sure you leave your cell number twice and your state/time zone as well as your times and days of preference 2 weeks ahead. Indicate in your message if you wish the session to be "in person" or "over the phone" and how long you wish to have the session last. The minimum is half hour set at 60 USD. You can read more about the type of readings Sylvie offers to assess which one would be best for your needs in our "
sessions and fees".


Note that any last minute appointment request will not be answered. All sessions can be paid by visa/mastercard if desired.
24 hour cancelation policy applies to all appointments so make sure to read our terms of service detailed in our session page. Recording your reading using any device such as smartphone or digital recorder is a must.

Sylvie Steinbach reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Any abusive behavior will terminate immediately the session. Punctuality is appreciated, tardiness beyond 15 minutes will lead to extra payment or a shorter session at the full original price. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be expected to pay a fee. All sessions are for entertainment purposes so use critical thinking and common sense when you seek advice.

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About Sylvie Steinbach

Born in France from a documented lineage of FreeMasons and gifted psychics, Sylvie  Steinbach started her studies in esoterism at the age of 11. Born with a powerful foresight, she underwent the journey to master her predictive abilities using different tools such as cards, pendulum, astral projection and crystal vision. Meanwhile she began her reading experience with the Lenormand cards, a family deck used by her aunt and grand-mother in their cartomancy practice, and provided psychic guidance to her classmates in high school which quickly got her the infamous nickname of 'the Witch'. By her late teens, Sylvie got interested in the science of astrology and sought to find a teacher. She was accepted by the Rosicrucian School of Astrology in Aubenas, France.

While learning from the Rosicrucians, Sylvie discovered that her psychic abilities allowed her to 'decode' a natal chart in an uncanny way (as if a natal chart was a CD-Rom to the soul's blue print). After her graduation from the Rosicrucian spiritual astrology program, she moved on to produce her own radio show, "Karmic Astrology", to 'read' volunteers live on the air in order to illustrate her findings. Her innovative approach on the topics of past lives, destiny, karmic lessons and life purpose contributed to her reputation as one of the top karmic astrologers in the world. In her mid-twenties, Sylvie crossed the Atlantic...

Sylvie Steinbach quickly gained popularity in the U.S.A. for her amazingly accurate readings. Using her beloved Lenormand cards, she ended up performing over 20,000 readings by 2010 and reached out beyond the states to help clients from Europe (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, UK, Belgium) to the Pacific Rim (New Zealand, Australia, India). In 2007, She released the first English manual exclusive to the Lenormand oracle "The Secrets of The Lenormand Oracle", revealing her method the "No Layout" to a larger audience. This introduction to the classic 36 Lenormand cards (called 'le petit jeu' in French) created a wave of new interests around the oracle.

Since then, Sylvie Steinbach has become one of the top world experts in the Lenormand cards, doing several workshops in New Zealand and Australia. Her new Lenormand deck designed with psychics and clairvoyants in mind contributes to her webinars held on the net to a worldwide audience. Her excellent teaching program has generated new Lenormand professionals who are now carrying on her legacy.


Sylvie Steinbach graduated college in marketing/business in 1986 from her native France, pursued several certifications in hypnotherapy and went on to learn financial securities in the U.S.A. Her knowledge in investments (annuities, health/life insurance, mutual funds), real estate, international economy, foreign cultures and mind psychology contributes to the clarity and logic of her intuitive sessions . Sylvie understands business issues, money management and human psychology in ways that can support her insights in order for her clients to achieve positive changes and personal/professional goals.



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